Complex Systems in Sport Research Group - SGR 1637


Seminar 2018 of the Research Group Complex Systems in Sport

This year our annual seminar will take place in Vilallobent, a small village of the Pyrenees close to the French border. The 9-10th June we aim to share in a rural environment our research projects, discussions and walks with colleagues and friends of the group. The language of the presentations will be the more convenient for the participants (catalan, english or spanish). The accommodation is planned at the rural tourism Cal Marrufes (Age); however, it is possible to find many other possibilities in the area.  Interested persons should contact with the research group coordinator for further details.

Jordi Martin in SSISA (South Africa) with Andreas Venhorst

Jordi Martin Guillaumes visited the Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) in Cape Town. It was hosted by Andreas Venhorst and they were talking about the application of concepts and tools of DST in the training, as well as possible future research...

INEFC researcher Albert Canton has been in CIDESD, Vila Real, Portugal

The visit of the researcher Albert Canton Badell to the CIDESD in Vila Real came to an end. During a month, the researcher of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) - Lleida had the opportunity to know the dynamics of work and to develop...

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