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Foundation & Aims

The research group “Complex Systems in Sport” is formed by researchers with an academic degree in sports, medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, physiology and performing arts. The group members are sharing a similar transdisciplinar vision for studying  physical activity and sports phenomena. One of the main characteristic of the group is the promotion of an integrative knowledge and the use of similar concepts and tools of analysis for studying  health, education and athletic performance issues. To date, the group carries out research projects in colaboration with universities from Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal and USA. Aditionaly, the group spreads the knowledge to public institutions, sport clubs and private companyies at national level. From the standing point of the research and transfer of the knowledge, the group organize seminars, courses and congresses that helps to deapen and spread the understanding of the science of the complex systems. The main objective of all aforementioned activities is to contribute one integrative vision of knowledge and to develop practises more concious and respectfuly with the persons and the environment.

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