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Complex Systems in Sport Congress

''Thank you for attending and participating in the International Congress Complex Systems in Sport 2017. We have tried to link theory and practice, sometimes not an easy task, but we strongly share the idea that there is nothing more practical than a good theory. Thank you for your contributions representing the most recent research and state of the art developped by a rich set of universities and sport organizations in the field of Complex Systems in Sport. Thank you for sharing your ideas and generously exchanging insights. Cheers to all of you and big thanks for making our International Congress Complex Systems in Sport 2017 a huge success.''
Carlota Torrents
Scientific committe


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us at the International Congress “Complex Systems in Sports: Linking Theory and Practice“, to be held on the 5th and 6th of October in Barcelona.

The main aim of this International Congress of Complex Systems in Sport is to bring together the sport scientists and specialists of different disciplines from all over the world who are interested in developing new approaches and strategies for sport performance based on Complex Systems Science.

INEFC’s Complex Systems in Sport Research Group has reunited a stellar array of Invited Speakers and the Scientific Committee has built a programme format that encourages interaction among the participants covering multiple aspects of important and emerging topics such as talent detection, training methodologies, game analysis, performance assessment, team dynamics and leadership in a multidisciplinary scenario where scientists, coaches, trainers, students, and sport-related professionals will exchange their ideas for contributing to the development of research, theory, and practice in the field of sport.

BARÇA INNOVATION HUB hosts this event at the mythical FC Barcelona Stadium “Camp Nou” a unique exciting venue! Barcelona, our town, is a Mediterranean city open to people and to the world, known for its dynamic nature and for being a vibrant international meeting point.

See you all in Barcelona!

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