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Fields (scalar-vector)

Streching the painter’s canvas (Universe’s origin)

At the border of being and nothingness (the vacuum phase transitions)

Those tiny things (nuclei, atoms, molecules, crystals, amorph substance] and supramolecular structures)

The Earth...(earth phenomena)

…and up in the skies (outer space phenomena)

There inside the cells (biochemical pathways, metabolic, genetic network dynamics, membranes)

Cells socializing (tissue formation)

So many animal species (evolving taxa)

Something beats in my chest (heart)

Gulps…(guts, aesophageus, peristaltics)

My brain (action potentials, network dynamics, decisions)

Yes, our thoughts as well….(phenomenology,qualia, psychological states)

Move (animal –human movements)

People join, talk, socialize and organize(social phaenomena, values)

Science and art (amaizing connections)

What’s there beyond the time horizon (humankind future attractors)

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