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INEFC researcher Albert Canton has been in CIDESD, Vila Real, Portugal

The visit of the researcher Albert Canton Badell to the CIDESD in Vila Real came to an end. During a month, the researcher of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) – Lleida had the opportunity to know the dynamics of work and to develop skills of treatment and understanding of data related to his doctoral thesis.

“I came to CIDESD with the intention of understanding the individual and collective variables that best explain the behavior of soccer teams, a topic that has been the subject of study of CreativeLab over the last few years. On the one hand, I came to learn the processes of monitoring these variables and, on the other hand, to develop a statistical analysis that was as significant as possible”, he says.

For the Catalan researcher, the experience proved to be very enriching: “I have not only met these goals but I will return with my work at a very advanced stage thanks to the collaboration of the various researchers in this laboratory.” “I should like to emphasize and leave words of thanks to Professor Jaime Sampaio and to make a special mention to Bruno Gonçalves who was concerned to ensure that my learning was as productive as possible. I also liked to thank the other researchers with whom I shared great moments: Bruno Figueira, Nuno Mateus, Diogo Coutinho, Murilo Merlin, Sara Santos, Juliana Santana, Patrícia Posse, Nuno Leite and Luís Vaz. Of all of them I learned something. I hope we can continue to work together”, added Albert Canton.

Investigador do INEFC esteve no CIDESD

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