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IV Festa de la Ciència

On May 11, from 9 to 14 in the Historic Building, the # IV Festadelaciència (Science Party) took place at @UniBarcelona … … @UBDivulga where it was explained what #UBICS is and the importance of #ComplexSystems. It hooked us! For more information clic here!

Talk about “Exercise-induced pain” by Agnė Slapšinsaitė

PhD. Agnė Slapšinsaitė from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has presented a talk about “Exercise-induced pain” where the most relevant scientific queries related to pain induced by exercise were presented. We all have experienced that exercising above certain intensity and duration elicits feelings of discomfort and pain. Specifically, pain is related to exercise tolerance and task disengagement in […]

PhDs Slapšinskaitė, Balagué and Hristovski new article about Pain Patterns During Exhaustive Exercise

PhD Agnė Slapšinskaitė, along with members of the Complex Systems and Sport Research group Natàlia Balagué and Robert Hristovski, recently published an article entitled Idiosyncratic Pain Patterns During Exhaustive Exercise, which investigates the dynamic distribution of pain in continuous cycling tasks and running until exhaustion.

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