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Talk about “Exercise-induced pain” by Agnė Slapšinsaitė

PhD. Agnė Slapšinsaitė from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has presented a talk about “Exercise-induced pain” where the most relevant scientific queries related to pain induced by exercise were presented. We all have experienced that exercising above certain intensity and duration elicits feelings of discomfort and pain. Specifically, pain is related to exercise tolerance and task disengagement in previous studies have focused on pain intensity measurements but have not payed attention on its locations dynamics. Pain location dynamics provide a possibility to explore how fatigue spreads throughout the body, to identify pain distribution and its individual patterns as well as to search the temporal organization of subjective experiences (qualia), which remain largely understudied up until now. Finally, this talk has highlighted the meta-stable dynamics of the body-mind- environment interaction during constant and incremental exercises performed until exhaustion.


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