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New papers accepted

Good news for the group. New papers have been accepted and will be published soon.

– Garcia-Retortillo, S., Rizzo, R., Wang, J., Sitges, C., & Ivanov, P. (2020). Universal spectral profile and dynamic evolution of muscle activation: a hallmark of muscle type and physiological state. Journal of Applied Physiology.
– Prats-Puig, A., Garcia-Retortillo, S., Puig-Parnau, M., Vasileva, F., Font-Lladó, R., Xargay-Torrent, S., Carreras-Badosa, G., Mas-Parés, b., Bassols, J., López-Bermejo, A. (2020). DNA methylation reorganization of skeletal muscle-specific genes in response to gestational obesity. Frontiers in Physiology, Special Issue “The New Frontier of Network Physiology: From Temporal Dynamics to the Synchronization and Principles of Integration in Networks of Physiological Systems”.
All work and effort pays off.
Congrats Sergi Garcia-Retortillo.
Stay tunned!

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