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Royal Spanish Football Federation COVID-19

On 20 March 2020, the Royal Spanish Football Federation created a task force, composed of sport physicians, sport scientists, and strength and conditioning coaches to constitute guidelines in order to resume football activities after the COVID-19 pandemic. This task force established a framework based on scientific evidence to reduce health risks on the return to competition while fostering players’ fitness levels from the resumption of training activities for the teams prior to the first official competition.

The framework encompasses guidelines at three levels: (1) clinical measures to assess player’s health status after the confinement and procedures to reduce the probability of COVID-19 infection during training and competition, (2) training recommendations to develop strategies for injury prevention and physiological readaptation, and (3) proposal for the competition calendar and allowance of changes of in-game regulations. The aim of this editorial is to make these recommendations public since they may contribute to guideline development by other sporting bodies that are also managing players’ return to training and competition.

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